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The Clerk of Courts also serves as Clerk for the Third District Court of Appeals of Ohio in appeals from all courts within our county.

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To keep people healthy and safe, the event will be held online only via our website for Orange County customers with outstanding traffic tickets and criminal fines. Only admissible evidence may be considered when ruling on a motion for summary judgment. Each with both locally and notary public liability in will be used by a legal.

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Message From Jill Fankhauser, Portage County Clerk of Courts The Portage County Clerk of Courts is taking precautions to maintain a healthy court environment for all court participants, visitors and staff.

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Members enjoy free access to BNG exhibitions, a discount on all BNG events and education programmes as well as exclusive invitations to exhibition openings. However, this is not a complete list of all forms used by the court or by individual judges. Our opinions are our own.