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Professional judgment must be applied when using any tool, there are just so many different options and levels that staff training to use it will become a necessity.

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Safety is the prevention of harm to patients. Third order validation Third order validation assesses data elements for consistency within a specific form or set of indicators.

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The principle form of input for a mobile device is generally a touch screen.

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How will patients be consistently matched when they may have been assigned multiple IDs over different episodes and locations of care?

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The system provide the ability to extract data for research purposes. IT products and systems they use are secure, often with middleware applications to provide automatic failover. They are intended to be archetyped, IT support must be identified and their role clearly defined.
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EHRs with the same identifier can be found within multiple systems. There is no requirement that the system somehow audit who else might be able to see data that is being displayed. Change of implementation of the issue is hosted ehr requirements for specific encounters with a valid.