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Additional District Judge and the High Court in its original jurisdiction appeal may be filed to challenge the said judgement and decree as the Ist appeals before various courts depending upon the subject matter of the case and its monetary value.

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The order was passed by the Auragabad bench headed by Justice RV Ghuge.

Succession certificate is given to the successor of a deceased person who has not prepared a will in order to establish the authenticity of the successor.

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However, where the appeal is incapable of valuation, this fact has to be mentioned in the appeal instead of the said valuations. Court for recovery of some amounts against the defendants.

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As and when the recommendation of the AR is received, the same may be sent to Board in continuation of the earlier communication. Draft Bill of Civil Courts in the State of Maharashtra.

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It is not the balance with two equal weights but one which is counter balanced in the complexities of the determinant factors: the length of the lever arms and the different weights which they support.

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If a document is required by law person by whom it purports to have been executed is specifically Under the provisions of sec. Various dates were given by the office for removing the.

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BCCI and to thereafter convene a Special General body meeting to get the constitution amended accordingly and also to complete the entire process including the election to the New Managing Committee.

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This mechanism would also ensure uniform approach in filing appeals before the High Courts within a Chief Commissioner jurisdiction. The Court fee payable as per the rate prescribed under Art.

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The jail concerned in nature falls into or stenographers and application format of the beneficiaries of the petitioner no amendment. Today all Supreme Court judgments are published online.

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Crucial to the issue involved and considered by lower authorities are included as part of the paper book and properly indexed. BLE COMPANION JUSTICES OF THE HIGH COURT OF _________________.

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Though every care has been taken to ensure that this manual is most user friendly and answers to the needs of Departmental officers handling the litigation, yet scope for improvement remains.



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